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Lavender Farm Products

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Fresh Lavender

Dry Lavender

Tipe – Lavender Dentata (Fresh lavender)
The lavender is a seasonal herb which is at its best form March to October. There are 118 rows of lavender, each 100 meters in length. During the cutting season the best quality stems are picked and bunched into bunches of fifty stems per bunch. The bunches are placed into boxes and couriered to various destinations. Bunches of lavender are also left to dry. There is a demand for dry lavender as well as lavender plants. Seedlings are cultivated on a regular basis to meet the demand and for own use. Prices on reques


Fresh lavender bunches are placed into Electric dryers in bunches of fifty per bunch and sold as dry bunches. Lavender has many uses. The heads, stems and leaves are separated and left in the sun to dry. Lavender heads are sold in bags of 250grams. They can be used for confetti, pot pourri or as an additive for other products. Stems are used for fire bundles. Leaves has a camphor aroma and is used for pot pourri and fragrant sachets. 



Lavender Oils 


The four main herbal plants available are: Lavender, Lemongrass, Rose Geranium and Rosemary.
 These plants come in different sizes, from seedlings to fully grown plants.


Lavender oils are distilled and extracted during the off season once a year. The heads, stems and leaves are distilled together to give a very unique aroma to the oils. The oils are available in 10ml and 50ml bottles. Prices on request.

Lavender Fragrances


Lavender Hand-made Soaps


A selection of cosmetic fragrances are produced. Soaps, hand lotion and spritzers. Detailed information can be obtained. Prices on request.

Handmade soaps in different shapes and sizes, weighing from 20g to 100g are available.


Lavender Hand Soaps

Lavender Hand Creams

Lavender hand soaps are in a small push top dispenses, cute enough for a guest bathroom. Approx 175ml.

Lavender hand creams are available in small push top dispenses. Small enough to fit into a handbag.

Lavender Spritzers

Lavender Fire Bundles 

A lavender based liquid in a small spritzer bottle also small enough to fit into a handbag or placed in a toilet. This spray can also be used as an air freshener and by spraying your pillows for a peaceful sleep.

The dry lavender stems are tied into bundles and is then placed on top of braai embers or in house fire place embers. The stems will start smoking, and giving a lavender aroma.

Lavender Confetti Bags

Fresh Lavender Bundles

Lavender has many uses. The heads are separated and left in the sun to dry. Lavender heads are sold in bags of 125grams as confetti, pot pourri or as an additive for other products.

Fresh lavender are tied up in bunches and can be used in wedding bouquets or placed in your home, releasing a pleasant, calming aroma.

Lavender Sachets

Lavender display stand

Lavender sachets are made from the lavender buds. They make a lovely accessory in your home, providing a clean and fresh aroma to the area you place them.

This lovely display stand with our beautiful range of lavender products is available to businesses who are interested in sharing in the sales of our products.

No money up front is necessary. You only pay for the products sold and receive a percentage of the sales.

Persons interested in acquiring a stand must phone Choppie at the Lavender farm.