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"Ons kinders is mal daaroor om op die plaas te kom speel saam met Leandri en Vian. Dankie, ons sien julle sommer gou weer! "

Casper en Benita
Wilderness, Wes-Kaap

"How can I say thank you for the lovely lavender we received.
The client has just collected and had tears in her eyes when she saw The flowers which is the best feeling in the world for me.
Thank you so much for the lovely quality and for going the extra mile to Confirm everything you have been a star.
Have a wonderful weekend and will keep in touch "

Cecilia - Ja floral
Port Elizabeth

"Thanks for a wonderfull workshop. "


"I visited the Lavender farm and it was some field like I have never seen one before! I would recommend a day on this farm to anyone in the world. "


Please do us the honour of leaving a message for us, once you've visited the farm.

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