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Lavendar Farm

Choppie Kotze - Friday, January 27, 2012
Hi Everyone!

Six months that I left South Africa now. I am studying organic farming in France, probably for my last
year as a student.

It's unusual for a french student to write on a CV that I went to South Africa. It's always a source of interest. And people are surprized to hear that lavender is cropped in that country. I am proud to talk about this country and its customs. I spent two months there, close to Choppie's and Wynand's family, while I helped them to crop their lavender. In fact, the main objective of this travel was to carry on an intership and settle on the field all that I learned during my school year. But, to my eyes, the surrounding athmospere was the most important and helped me to learn a lot about people and the relationships. I discovered, I think, the true boer traditions in this family. Braai, church, fishing, happyness, friendship... and peri peri! (in France, we don't eat with a lot of hot spices... so that was a challenge for me to get use to it...). Also, I had the opportunity to go and visit two cities: Cape town and Johannesburg. I can say that the lavender farm is a good place for returning to basics, take a rest among the lavender fragrance... 

A day to the lavender farm is a good way to relax and learn about lavender for tourists. 

I thanks all the people I met there and who shared customs and time with me, and especially the Kotzè
and Roussow family.

Thanks to all of you.
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