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Hallo everybody of the lavender world.

Choppie Kotze - Tuesday, June 08, 2010
You wont believe what I am about to tell you. As if the flu and the catastrophe were not enough, on the weekend I end up having an operation to have my appendix removed. This was a disaster unexpected and causing unwanted family stress. I must admit that Wynand my husband excelled himself during my unavailability and proved that he was more than capable to handle this unusual family situation. Well done my loving husband and thank you. But the situation is not over as I have to spend a few days in bed. I have a wonderful neighbour in Isobel who has volunteered to lend a hand with looking after my 1 year old daughter. My heartfelt thanks for you help. My wonderful staff is hard at work and business is as usual with the lavender. Hope to have more pleasant blogging next week.
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